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Must listen 2009

De acordo com o excelente site The cool hunter estas são as bandas/artistas "must listen" de 2009. Vou poupar meus dedinhos e copiar e colar do cool as descrições de cada banda [e também vou dividir o post em duas partes porque acabou meu expediente e quero ir embora]. Clique nos nomes pra ouvi-las por aí [quando houver link] ou ouça as que achei no Goear aqui mesmo. Prometo voltar depois com o famoso feedback, mas já estou ouvindo essa primeira e gostei bastante:

- Bag Raiders
Long seen as the secret weapon in the Australia vs. France electro-war, Sydney's party commanders, Bag Raiders, are hooked-up with the Bang Gang people and A-Trak and destined to shed the 'secret' part of that label this year. We promise.

- Emil & Friends
While the hype swirling hoax that this was Emile Hirsch's musical side project drew initial listeners to New York's Emile & Friends,that audience has stayed for this mysterious band's addictive music. They mix MGMT's electro-fetish with the quirk of the Unicorns and the sample-heavy indie-folk of Animal Collective and Soft Tigers. So it's basically the best thing ever.

- Fenech Soler
Although this three-piece are born and raised in the UK, they've absolutely nailed a French-Touch homage with their snappy indie-with-electronics style. And we're not the only ones who see big things ahead for Fenech-Soler, as Alan Braxe - the French disco icon - has picked up their next single for release on his boutique label, Vulture.

- Iran
Iran's six-years-in-the-making Dissolver, is getting a load of hype because band member Kyp Malone's other group - TV On The Radio - has gotten kind of big in the interim. Fellow TVOTR member and super producer Dave Sitek lends his golden touch and turns Iran's lo-fi freakout rock into a polished indie-meets-classic rock record that would be just as comfortable blasting in a small club as in a stadium.

- Jonathan Boulet
It's crazy to think that Jonathan Boulet's rich, floating folk-pop melodies took form in the Australian troubadour's miniscule garage studio. But I suppose that is Boulet's gift, after all the twenty-year old can turn subtle humble campfire tunes into soaring epics. Next he'll be doing straw into gold and water into wine.

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