terça-feira, 12 de janeiro de 2010

Lindinhos do Decor8

Hoje dei uma boa olhada no Decor8, achei várias coisas legais. Clique nas imagens para ver beeeem maior! Ah, e achei hoje esse textinho bacana com dicas de decoração, ó:

  • If you can’t afford something, try a DIY version. Buy a sewing machine. Try stencils on a wall. Spray paint lamps. Don’t be afraid.
  • Paint is a cheap but very effective way to transform spaces. In my opinion you don’t need outstanding furniture if you have the right paint color on your walls.
  • Don’t be afraid of big furniture pieces in small rooms. Our huge gray chair is working well in our small office. You don’t necessarily need tiny furniture for tiny spaces. (Restrain to one big piece though).
  • Pare down. Everyone who visits our house asks me where our “stuff” is. Seriously, you don’t need “stuff”.
  • Keep everything organized. This is key especially when living in a small space. All our storage spaces are neatly organized and everything has its place.

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